Why do fonts appear blurry in Photoshop?


I'm just getting used to Photoshop and I can't figure out why all my fonts look blurry.

Example screenshot

1/2/2012 9:09:00 PM

If you look at how it renders at dafont.com you'll see the same problem. It's not limited to Photoshop. It looks even worse in the OS font preview because, like many cheap fonts, it doesn't seem to have any hinting information at all.

You'll get a somewhat less obnoxious rendering if you use "Smooth" rather than "Crisp" for the anti-aliasing, but any typeface (or any shape, for that matter) with edges slanted at small angles is problematic for anti-aliasing at coarse resolutions. There are no exactly vertical or horizontal lines in this one; they're all sloped a few degrees.

You will always see this problem in Photoshop more than in Illustrator or InDesign, because Photoshop renders vectors and text at the document resolution, not the output device (screen, in this case) resolution that a vector-based application uses.

Follow Lèse's good advice and use a different (and better quality) font.

12/31/2011 10:40:00 AM