How to add a segment between two nodes?


Using path tool, I created four nodes, then in edit mode I connected the first and fourth nodes, and then stroked the path. All worked well. I have a rectangle.

Now, I want to add a segment between first and third node, is it possible?

I tried creating a new path and stroke does not work on the new path.

4/26/2015 12:34:00 PM

Accepted Answer

In this case, as was already said, you would want to add another line segment in the same path to "manually" connect the nodes. The provided method involves creating a second path and them merging the two. An easier solution is to simply find the relevant path in the path dialog, right click it, and select "Path Tool" from the context menu:

enter image description here

Then, click anywhere in a free area to start adding new nodes to the path, and drag them into position:

enter image description here

4/28/2015 4:14:00 PM

In path edit mode we can add another node by Ctrl + left-click on the location we want it to be.

enter image description here

Note that this will convert the straight line to a curve. To make it straight lines again we have to drag the node's handles onto the node.

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