Replace one layer with another in multiple Photoshop projects


I am creating a series of banners in five sizes. Each banner size represents its own .psd file. There is a logo on all banners and each series contains a different logo.

Till now I inserted all logos manually for all banner sizes separately. Is there a way, that I can change all banners at once?

I am using Photoshop CS6.

Something similar (not really the same thing) exists in AfterEffects called "Replace footage".


4/20/2015 1:18:00 PM

Accepted Answer

They actually added this feature in the newest installment of Photoshop CC (14.2). You can see more info:

See linked smart objects

I am aware of this feature but have not yet used it for anything. Still you should be using indesign. Note,you probably need to script this anyway as you have many legacy files that need updating.

PS: Its amazing how long it took them to do this.

4/20/2015 1:33:00 PM