Proper term for a font with the same thickness for all strokes?


I'm looking at placing numbers on sports equipment and need a font with numbers that maintain the same parallel width or thickness for each digit.

I mean uniform width of the line that makes up the actual ink of the figure. I don't mean the actual width of the characters from start to finish, I mean the inner and outer edges of the font. I don't mean tabular figures. Tabular means the space the numbers occupy is identical. Can anyone suggest any please? Many thanks

German number-plate digits

UK number-plate digits

They all have to be a uniform 45mm. So for example on a number 4, the upright and horizontal and diagonal line all have to be 45mm. Do you see?

On most fonts the different lines or curves of the numbers are slightly thicker or thinner.

What term should be used when searching for a font of this nature?

4/16/2015 6:38:00 PM

The fonts designed for drafting (technical lettering) have this property as they were standardized for technical pens that make uniform lines. You can find some of these by searching for isofont. Theres even a nice open source version with really broad implementation called osifont.

Fontforge allows you o make these fonts out of unclosed lines so you can change thickness later if you need to.

Several variations of iso and asme standard fonts, exist ive even made my own when i happened to be cut of from most of humanity and had no suitable font with the specific glyph i needed ( made the fonts with notepad).

4/16/2015 6:31:00 PM