Which Monospace fonts pair well with Seravek ExtraLight?


My personal case

Seravek has restrained shapes and medium width.

However, most popular monospace fonts (Courier New, Menlo, etc) are too wide or/and too exaggerative. So I need a monospace font that is neither too wide nor too exaggerative; fitting the temperament of Seravek.

I was using Seravek Light in my blog; Inconsolata integrated fine with it. Now I’m considering to use Seravek ExtraLight instead, but confused by the monospace-font issue.

enter image description here

To be general

Although my personal case is to find one to work as inline pieces of code in articles, please make your answer general for other usages, e.g. headlines, outdoors, advertising, package design, etc.

4/10/2015 5:51:00 PM

Using Courier as the basis for comparison, the criteria were:

  • less wide than Courier
  • less exaggerated (more constrained) than Courier

Based on this criteria, I would suggest experimenting with the following monospace fonts:

Ubuntu Mono

Has a nice high x-height with a bit of a condensed look and a few different cuts to use.

Ubuntu Mono Font Screenshot

Audimat Mono

A bit less condensed than Ubuntu, but with double the number of cuts, and a relatively contemporary look for a monospace

Audimat Mono Font Screenshot

Code New Roman

A monospace that tries to look like a regular font, bit older, but still a goody

Code New Roman Font Screenshot


This is one of my personal favorites. It barely resembles a monospace, but it is, which by all functional purposes is amazing.

Monofont Regular Font Screenshot

Hopefully you'll be able to find a resource here that can help you out. All the best!

4/10/2015 5:46:00 PM