How to edit eps file in Photoshop?


I am making logos in Inkscape for sale. I don't own Illustrator and I just purchased Photoshop, no skills with that one. I have a customer who wants to know if she can edit the logo in photoshop? I can save my Inkscape logo as eps file. How to edit it with Photoshop? I tried to open it, but that's all I can do...

4/3/2015 7:45:00 PM

Short answer: no, you can not edit an EPS from a vector application directly in Photoshop.

Slightly longer and more meaningful answer: You can not directly edit the vector shapes, points, lines, or fills of an EPS file saved from a different application inside of Photoshop but you can manipulate colors and appearance using Photoshop's adjustment layers and you can add artwork (layers, type, etc.) over the EPS file.

See also this question which may give you a better understanding of Photoshop's EPS handling.

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM