Adjusting images in Indesign


I have a 100 page graphic novel in Indesign and I need to apply an adjustment of the Brightness and Contrast of every image in the file to accommodate the quirks of a particular printer. This is an output function. I do not want to edit the original images just to accommodate this particular printer. I want to tell Indesign 'adjust the contract of all images x amount' for example. Is this possible?

4/2/2015 8:17:00 PM

Accepted Answer

This will be so easy if you are using Adobe Lightroom beside Indesign.

Simply make a collection into Adobe Lightroom and batch adjust your collection or adjust images one by one and save. the saved images will reflect immediately into Indesign. and export to that particular printer. if you want to revert to the original images, all you have to do is to access your collection again through Lightroom and remove all setting you did before.

That's it.

You don't have to copy the collection manually from folder to another, Lightroom is doing the job to you and keep history of all setting you did in your collection, that's mean you can apply the setting again.

4/3/2015 4:35:00 PM