How to Change Colors of a Company Logo without Using Pen Tool?


Hydro Company Logo

I have a couple of company logos that I want to change to color white (to be placed in a black background). This logo is pretty simple enough to just use the pen tool. However, I have some logos that are complex as this one below:

outokumpu company logo

What's the best way of changing these colors with minimal pain? Other solutions that I found is to Recolor with Preset in the Edit action, but that option is greyed out and cannot be used. Please help me out! The struggle is real.

4/2/2015 3:19:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Because these are raster images your best bet is to either:

1) Re-create the image to easily change the colors.


2) Bring the images into a photo editor program and change the hue/saturation. There are also plenty of other color changing methods in Photoshop if that is the program you plan to be using.

  • Color Balance
  • Selective Color

If you just want to change the text color (If you do not have the original font) in illustrator that would be much easier. Just go to Object -> Live Trace -> Make. This would work entirely for the first image (font & graphic, however using the pen tool will most likely give better results). The second image you would need the text part of the image as its own separate file.

4/2/2015 3:38:00 PM