Created a poster to print in CMYK, but when client downloads JPG, on the screen it is neon. Will it print how it looks when I created it in CMYK?


I created a poster in Photoshop and it in CMYK mode because it is going to be printed (not used on the web at all). I saved it as a JPG (also in CMYK) and when I sent it to someone in an email and they downloaded it, they sent me a screen shot and it looks neon colored. I understand this happens because screens are in RGB, but my questions is:

Will it print almost exactly how it looks when I created it in CMYK? (When I opened the JPG on my computer, it looked the same as when I created it in CMYK in Photoshop)

It was originally a light pink color (in CMYK) and on screen when downloaded it looks bright purple.

Thank you in advance!

3/31/2015 9:14:00 PM

CMYK Jpeg, while valid, has limited support in software, especially in browsers and in-built OS preview handlers. It can also vary by software revision.

It may be better for you to export an RGB Jpeg file for your clients preview use or provide a PDF or CMYK TIFF instead.

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3/31/2015 9:20:00 PM