Which graphic tablets support tilt?


Have been googling my eyes out, besides marketing blabla I couldn't find good information at all...

There are several graphic tablet producers:

Of course Wacom is the best. But they are also pretty expensive. Wacoms Intuos4 supports tilt (Bamboo does not).

I am looking for a cheaper alternative to Wacom. I basically want an A5 tablet with a pen having tilt (and maybe rotation) support. Is Wacom the only one offering this? I don't care about buttons or anything else.

Also: Wacom seems to be the only ones supporting rotation of the pen (with the Art Pen).

12/12/2011 3:28:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Hanvon drawing tablets do have tilt feature. Though they are not exactly cheapest of the cheapest drawing tablets.

Hanvon - Not all of them have tilt I believe, so check for Tilt in the "Technical specifications". Art masters do have it.

You asked if there are any others and I was like "Can't remember any other ones- Trust..."

Trust - The 3 newest ones seem to have tilt. ..and the pens seem to work without batteries nowadays..

7/6/2017 6:19:00 AM

I'd go with Wacom. They're expensive, but simply good. Also, I'd took into consideration tablet's ability to trace stylus rotation. In my experience it's even more useful than tilt. Be adviced though: not all Wacom styli support it.