Why are Apple products so common in mockups?


Inspired by this question: Why are Apple Macs used so much in the graphic design industry?

While browsing through the web trying to find device mockups for my website,
I realized that about 90% of all the mockups were of Apple devices.

For example finding a (flat) mockup of a non-Apple laptop computer is like a mission impossible.

On about every website showcasing their applications (unless it's Android/WP-only) on a device, the device is Apple's.

I think there are better designs out there than only Apple.

Why are Apple devices so popular?

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM

Accepted Answer

  • They're familiar. Designers tend to use Macs, so when they want to put a mockup on a screen, it's the first that would come to mind.
  • They're popular. Sure, Windows has more market share. But can you name a single model of PC that's super popular? What about an all-in-one desktop? What about an external monitor?
  • They're good-looking. Macs have a reputation for being very well-designed. (Perhaps people use them as coattails to ride? Scroll down to 'My Work')
  • They're minimalistic. Macs don't have a lot of details that would pull the eye away from the screen.

So: a popular, well-built computer that doesn't call attention to itself is a great frame for your app.


If you're in the Windows world, it really doesn't make sense. While OSX and iOS make a pretty good chunk of the consumer pie, they can be almost non-existent in the business world if you're the kind of site that used by office workers during the daytime. When I was in that situation I took pictures of the monitors that were all around the office because that was more familiar to me, popular with the businesses we'd target, and still pretty minimalistic.

3/19/2015 12:37:00 PM

While the other answers are accurate, the real explanation is far easier:

They're standardized.

What's a windows laptop look like? What's an android phone look like? What's an Apple laptop look like? What's an iPhone look like?

There you have it, two of those you could visualize, two you couldn't. You might have ideas about the Windows and Android look but there's absolutely no mistaking what the Apple products look like. They're standardized and universally recognized. That's what Steve Jobs spent his life achieving, an icon.

From a Designer standpoint it also give you a template that works. Unless your client specifies to do the mockup on the Galaxy Note or the Nexus 6 or something you have no idea what Android device to use as your template. iPhone is iPhone though; as long as you have an iPhone template it will always work for you.