Photoshop CC polygon tool with smooth corners


Is there a way to create a polygon(<4 sides in my case) with rounded edges? I have tried giving it an outside stroke also, but that only works when it is a thick stroke. What I do need is a hexagon with a thin(2 pt.) stroke, with rounded edges. Please help!!


3/18/2015 1:02:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Illustrator is much more efficient when creating custom shapes but if you want to use Photoshop I suggest you try the following script:

Download this script: Corner Editor

Move "Corner Editor.jsx" to "/Presets/Scripts/" in the Photoshop directory.

Re-open Photoshop

Create your shape using the Polygon Tool (U)

options 1

run the script: "File -> Scripts -> Corner Editor"

options 2

Select the options which will work for you. You can then add a layer style to give the shape a stroke.

3/18/2015 4:07:00 PM