converting a colored vector eps to coloring page single line art


I am very new to illustrator (or design at least).. I am not sure if there is an easy way to do this. I have several colored vector eps files that I would like to convert them to black and white images for coloring. I already know how to take off all the colors as you see in the image below... however, my problem is mainly 2 things:

  • the double lines that show at the edges of the image characters:

  • the places where there was a gradient color in the image:

I know one can go over all the paths and objects and edit them in illustrator to make it work, but I have a lot of images to go over and this will be too much time consuming...

So,, is there please an easy to do way?

It might be very easy.. but I am very new with no graphic design background. I tried to search online, but was un able to find what shall I do.. may be because I did not know what graphic or illustrator terms to search for.. so a guidance of what shall i search for will also be appreciated..

What I need is for example to have this vector converted as this:

the correct conversion

and not as this:

the wrong conversion


3/15/2015 6:16:00 PM

nice question and tricky solution

  1. First you have to select all your artwork.
  2. in the swatch panel click the more option icon

enter image description here

  1. select Add Used Color - This option will add all the selected color used in your artwork ti the swatch panel as a Global Color.
  2. Now double click on every color change it to white first then uncheck the global color check box the let you change another color. make sure to not uncheck the global check box before changing the color.

enter image description here

  1. do so for every color in your artwork.

PS. this method will be valid for all fills that you have and make sure that you don't have strokes converted to path. the second point is you have to keep the black only.

after that you may want to tweak the artwork and you may need to add or remove black strokes from your artwork.

3/15/2015 6:46:00 PM