Choosing a good highlight color for dark background


I'm working on a dark design which is composed on a list with alternated row colors ( #252425 and #121314 ) and I use different colors for the text on it ( #85bb23, #6F6A6F, #FFFFFF, #C50005, #2AAADB ).

Every time I choose a color to highlight a line (on click), I realize that its combination with one of the colors above looks ugly (or the text become unreadable because of low contrast)

Is there a technique (or a tool) to choose this color efficiently?

3/16/2015 9:24:00 AM

The highlighting of your row could be a solid color instead. If the color uses the whole horizontal space, and your text remains white, you only need to worry about the color looking ok with the rest of the text.

For example:

enter image description here

enter image description here

3/16/2015 9:31:00 AM