Photoshop Text Layer Merging/Copying


So I just started learning Photoshop a few weeks ago. I have ran into an issue while creating text layers. I have 2 small issues that I can honestly not really figure out, and I have tried figuring it out on Google for an hour and all the topics/answers are irrelevant.

Problem 1: I want to merge my text layer onto my other layers so it treats it as one whole layer and not a layer and text layer. I do not require the text to be editable anymore since I have finished it. Right now I am stuck with this

Both layers

And what I want is the text layer ($312.87 USD) to be merged onto layer 2 and have 1 layer instead of two.

Problem 2: I want to be able to copy/paste the text layer ($312.87 USD) to another Photoshop project I have open which I cannot currently do. When I am on the text layer and try ctrl + c and then do ctrl + v on my other project, it doesn't paste the text. And I am guessing that if I can figure out how to merge the text onto the layer below it (Layer 2) then I could easily copy and paste it.

3/13/2015 6:06:00 AM

To merge the layers....

Highlight the text layer in the Layers Panel

Then choose Merge Down from the Layers Panel Menu

enter image description here

To move layers between open documents, click and drag a layer from the Layers panel to the window of the other documents. You don't need to use copy/paste. If you really want to copy/paste, first choose Select > Select All, then copy/paste.

These are very basic Photoshop usage questions. (I hesitate to even say they are on topic) Reviewing the help files or using Google to find basic tutorials will assist you faster than posting questions here.

3/13/2015 8:12:00 AM