How to save PDF so actual size is the same as artboard size?


I created an artboard that is 1416px wide.

I need to handle the PDF to a coder, with it having the same actual size as the website.

Yet when I save it as a PDF and he gives it a 100% zoom (chooses view>actual size) it appears a lot bigger than what I intended. I checked the file dimensions and it stills says 1416px wide, also if I export it for web as a JPG and compare the two the JPG has the correct size while the PDF is bigger.

JPG Actual Size

enter image description here

PDF Actual Size (A lot bigger)

enter image description here

Why could this happen?

3/12/2015 3:07:00 PM

Ahh, then the issue is in the PDF resolution. It should be 72 dpi. (The one you exported seems to be around 150 dpi).

SAVE as PDF in Illustrator CS6
Honestly, I'm no expert at all the options there. You may check the options' meanings here (LINK)

Also, like @mrserge said, if you're posting it as image, use PNG or JPG instead. Be sure to use the options Interlace or Progressive, and anti-alias.

This is for web, right? So I wonder why you're using PDF...?

3/17/2015 12:28:00 PM