Column Guides Are Unlocked But I Still Can't Move Columns In A Text Frame


I'm using Adobe InDesign CC. I have a three column text frame and I need the middle frame to be just a bit larger than the left and right columns. I have unlocked Column Guides by unchecking View > Grids & Guides > Unlock Column Guides, but with both the Selection Tool and Direct Selection Tool I don't get the cursor changing nor does clicking and dragging on the guide do anything but move the entire text frame.

I have read tutorials with pictures and I see that it's possible, however I must be missing something. Help!

EDIT: This is a blue text frame I'm talking about, not the purple column guides that would be established in the document settings.

Screenshot of column guides

3/10/2015 9:40:00 PM

Accepted Answer

You can't alter the width of an individual column within a text frame, they all have to be equal. To create columns of unequal width or height, create threaded text frames (a story) side-by-side on either a document page or a master page.

3/10/2015 11:12:00 PM