Is there a way to group fonts within Illustrator


I've done searches on here to find an answer to my question, and while I have found other questions asking similar questions, but every answer was using a third party program to disable certain fonts.

My question is, is there a way to organize fonts specifically in Adobe Illustrator?

For example, if I select my fonts, they are already in groups that Illustrator created. It starts out with a list of all the fonts I have installed, then a line followed by other fonts that are in foreign languages, and then other lines after that.

I don't want to ever disable a font, but sometimes if I'm trying to find a font, I'll start at the top and then click the font drop down and start pressing the down arrow to cycle through my fonts.

There are some fonts that when I select it, the name goes away in the drop down list (the font still works) and the list defaults back to the Myriad Pro font that it always starts at.

So, if there would be a way for me to create a list of those fonts that I can't scroll through, and put them below the rest of the fonts, that would save me a HUGE headache in going through my font search.

3/2/2015 4:34:00 PM

What you are seeking is indeed impossible.

Adobe applications list fonts alphabetically, then by encoding. So you'll find cyrillic fonts listed in a separate section than Latin fonts. But still ordered alphabetically within that section. The only caveat to this is the "recent fonts" list that Adobe throws at the top of the menu (but still doesn't start any menu click with any of those selected).

Changing how the internal font lists are configured means you'd have to change the underlying code base for the application. So, no, you can't do what you are asking.

Even third party font managing applications won't reorder the menus within Adobe applications any longer (they used to years and years ago - i.e. ATM Deluxe).

Activating/deactivating fonts is the only method to change the font listings.

6/8/2017 4:31:00 AM