How to create this grainy & pixelated effect?


How do you recreate the effect as seen in this picture through Photoshop? I'm talking about the grainy texture...

I tried using noise filter and played with layer blends, but the result is less than what I'd expected it to be like:

I've been sitting up all night trying to figure this out and all I can think now is "GRAAAAIIIINS"

1/1/2012 6:33:00 PM

Accepted Answer

That's not really an effect, it's just dithering with a very limited color palette. Here's an example I just created using it, and the instructions on how to apply this "effect" are just below that.

enter image description here

How to apply it...

Get your picture into Photoshop, and go to Image > Mode > Indexed Color... via the main menu. In the Indexed Color dialog box that appears, set the Palette to "Custom" which will bring up the Color Table dialog box where you can select color swatches to be used for your image. You can click a tile to add a color and Ctrl-click on Windows (probably Cmd-click on Mac) to remove a tile. To create an image similar to the questioner's example, I'd try using three or so colors. In my own example I used black, white, magenta, and a yellow-ish color. Choose your colors and click Ok. Now set the Dither option to "Diffusion" and you can play with the Amount percentage to get the exact look you want. Click Ok and you're done.

Applied to a block of 50% gray...

enter image description here

12/5/2011 9:59:00 PM

Try using two layers, one for the noise and one for the image.

Start with a gray background and play with the layer effects (overlay, hard light, etc) and the Splatter Filter (under Filter>Brush Strokes, for randomness).

Mess with the layer opacity, and/or add a blur (~10-15%) to your noise layer to decrease the intensity of noise and smooth out the noise, respectively.