How to change the defaults for screen mode in Photoshop?


I am using Photoshop CS5 on Mac. I prefer to use "Full screen mode with menu bar" rather than "Standard screen mode". Is there a way to have Photoshop remember my favorite screen mode settings and use them as defaults?

10/25/2011 3:36:00 AM

Accepted Answer


You can automate this feature if you want images to open in a specific screen mode. Make a new action, select Insert Menu Item from the Actions panel menu, go to View->Screen Mode and select the screen mode you want to switch to, click OK and then stop recording.

Go to File->Scripts->Script Events Manager, click on the Enable checkbox up top, set the Event dropdown to Open Document, select the Action radio button and then select the action that you just made and click on Add. If you want, you can also do this for when you make a new document, just set the Event dropdown to New Document and then click on Add again.

Adobe says it all:

Hope this will help....

2/22/2012 12:25:00 AM

I just found this post and thought I would share. Basically you go under Window in Photoshop and make sure Application Frame is checked. That's it, problem solved!