How to reduce file size without losing quality


I have a TIF image created from a flattened PSD file. It is presently sized to 20"x 20" image size, resolution is 300 and pixels are 6000 x 6000. I sized it this big so when I take it to the printer, he won't have to resize (I want it 20 x 20).

However, the file is huge (210 mgs). What can I do to make the file size smaller so I can save it and bring it to him? Will I lose image quality if I save it as a jpg at the same resolution? I thought I could do that but not sure how much quality would be lost. Thanks.

1/12/2015 3:22:00 AM

The real answer is to check with your printer about what exact file format and file size they would prefer and provide that.

But back to your specific questions:

You may be able to reduce the pixel dimensions of your file - I mean 20 inches is pretty large and you might be able to go down to 150 PPI without loosing much quality.

And as for JPEG, yes, you will lose information when using JPEG. JPEG is a lossy file format - the whole point of JPEG is to compress a file by throwing away information while retaining a "photo" quality image for web use.

1/11/2015 11:54:00 PM