How to crop a square at the exact centre of an image in Photoshop?


Given a square image, how can I crop, at the exact center, of the image?

What if the image is not square itself?

What if I'm using Photoshop CS6 or some older version?
Is the procedure the same?

1/2/2015 9:02:00 PM

Accepted Answer

If your image is not square:

  1. Choose View > New Guide then tick the Vertical option and enter 50% in the box and click OK.
  2. Choose View > New Guide then tick the Horizontal option and enter 50% in the box and click OK.

This provides a guide intersection at the image center.

  1. Grab the Marquee Selection Tool or the Crop Tool, hold down the Option/Alt and Shift key and click-drag starting at that center guide intersection.

This draws a square selection (crop area) at the center of the image.

  1. Then simply choose Image > Crop, or hit the Enter to commit the crop (if using the crop tool)

If the image itself is square...

  1. Choose Select > All from the menu.
  2. Then choose Select > Modify > Contract
  3. Tick the Apply effect from Canvas Bounds box and enter the amount of offset, from the canvas edge, you want and click OK.
  4. Then simply choose Image > Crop

For versions of Photoshop where "contract" may not be available after selecting all, use the first method.

1/3/2015 7:10:00 AM