Combine 2 Unicode letters into 1 in Fontlab Studio


Being new to Fontlab Studio 5, I'm creating a Tifinagh font using its Unicode block...

I created all the letters for my font, now I need to add a ligature (if this is the right word?) to certain characters like as shown below;

Tifinagh combine two letters into one

So when user types the sequence of the two letters; the output should be a combined letter as shown in the image.

I tryed the Glyph menu and Generate Glyphs but doesn't seem to work :)

Is that possible at all or I'm missing something?


12/27/2014 12:28:00 AM

The term "ligature" in typography usually refers to combining two or more letters when they appear in a defined sequence as shown here:

enter image description here

In your question though you seem to ask about creating accented characters, these aren't created with the otf ligature functionality, There are several ways to create them:

  1. Find the right Unicode character, let's say Ǎ - Latin Capital Letter a with Caron: U+01CD, and draw into it the capital A and the Caron (There might be a way to use anchors and components to ease the task of completing all the relevant characters but that depends on the software you use and I don't know the one you mentioned), this way when someone with the right keyboard type that letter it will show up without the need of the ligature functionality.
  2. Use Combining characters. this is quite a rare functionality I have no experience with and with reportedly lots of disadvantages.
  3. Some font creators have developed simple means to create the accented characters, one is on which you can draw the diacritical marks once and it automates the combining of them with all the relevant characters, you can see how it works here.
12/28/2014 1:50:00 AM