How to make flat design like this?


Flat design

How to make flat design like this? I want to make from my photos

12/7/2014 11:15:00 AM

Since the image is symmetrical, we'll create only one half of the image. Place your reference picture as the base layer and hide its one half by placing a white layer over it, like the image below,,

half face

Now make a new layer (we will call this layer A) over the base layer (that is half face of yours). Trace your face's outline with pen tool, don't be perfect, a basic shape of the skull would work, do not trace hair as those might be assymetrical. Close the path and make selection with it. fill it with desired color.

Now, duplicate layer A and flip it horizontally to have a full basic shape of the face. Merge both these layers and hide the resulting layer so that u can see your real face and trace other features.

Make another new layer and follow the same procedure (making half, duplicate, flip and merge) to make eyes, nose, mouth etc.

Hide the layers of these features as well. Delete white layer to see full face of yours. Make a new layer and trace the hair.

the important thing is distinctive features, like for the image you provided as example, its beard, glasses and hairstyle.

12/7/2014 12:18:00 PM