Import PNG in indesign


I'm exporting some elements out of photoshop CC 2014 using the new 'extract assets', witch is very handy because i can just select the layer i want and export it. I export the white logo as a png. When i then try to import it in indesign CC 2014, the image converts to black and white and not transparant ( i can see it in the info panel where it says: 'transparancy : no'). enter image description here

Any idea's on how to fix this?

12/1/2014 3:45:00 PM

The short answer here is, "Don't do that." There are three reasons why:

  • Extract Assets is designed and intended as part of a web workflow. It is not actually useful for print.

  • PNG is not a print format. It was created for the web and remains a terrific on-screen image format, but there are far better formats for print.

  • A layered PSD can be placed directly in InDesign, and the layers you don't need can be turned off (or the Layer Comp you want can be turned on) for each instance where the PSD is placed. Going through an extra step of generating a derived image to then place that in InDesign is, quite literally, a waste of production time, especially when there are revisions to the original.

12/1/2014 5:38:00 PM