Importing eps files as layers in Gimp


I have been trying to create an animation using 300 eps files. When I try to open all the 300 files as layers (File -> open As Layers), a dialog box appears for each file with the heading "Import from Postscript" .

I have to click on "import" button for every image, in order import the images.

Is there a way to avoid the appearance of this dialog box for each image, because clicking "import" for 300 times is not at all a manageable task.

Thank you.

11/29/2014 1:20:00 AM

Accepted Answer

If you have GIMP-GAP ( installed then you can use it to load your files.

1) Make sure that all of your frames are named sequentially[*] using a pattern such as "filename_0001.eps", "filename_0002.eps", "filename_0003.eps", ...

2) Open the first file using "Edit->Open" -- this will present you with the postscript settings dialog box. (You will only be presented this dialog once.)

3) Perform "Video->Frames to Image..." to convert the file sequence to a multilayer image.

[*] If your filenames aren't sequential, you can rename them using GNU BASH by running the following command in the directory containing the .eps files.

f=(*.eps);i=($(seq -w 1 ${#f[@]}));for n in $(seq 0 $(expr ${#f[@]} - 1 ));do mv ${f[n]} frame_${i[n]}.eps;done

12/5/2014 10:38:00 PM