Export layers and smart object layers to files?


In my .psd file I have many layers, and within those layers are many Smart Objects. These Smart Objects also have their own set of layers that I would like exported as well when I choose the Export layers to files script, but alas they do not. Anyone have any solutions for this problem?


Addendum for clarification (hopefully!):

I'm creating game level mockups in Photoshop which include some fully rasterized layers (for background elements and such), as well as Smart Objects which link to other Photoshop documents that contain animations that have been converted from frames to layers (these are for later use as animated game sprites). From my main game level mockup document, I would like to be able to export every layer in that file, as well as all layers in every linked file at the same time. Ideally if the 'Export Layers to Files' script had an option to include layers in linked Smart Objects I would be a very happy man. Hope this makes a bit more sense!

10/24/2011 7:32:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Because Smart Object's are much like normal layers in the document.. ( ...much like.. ) It gets exported as one layer discarding all the layers inside Smart Object.

Probably the first solution one might think to try, would be to "Ungroup" or "Unlink" Smart Object. On that note we stumble to one big big "booohoo" *sniff* side of Smart Object's. You can't do such a thing.

Unless theres a plugin or something that I dont know about, you can't Ungroup a Smar Object.

Unless you manually go to Edit mode and Duplicate the layers inside Smart Object into the work document. Then you could export the layers.

You could also make Action that makes it easier for you to save every separate Smart Object as layers in the Smart Object edit mode.

Theres one good thing I had in my mind.

  1. Double click open all smart objects. Double click the thumbnail ( doesnt really take that long unless you have millions of them. You might want to use Ctrl+TAB to get back to work document after double clicking )
  2. Close the work document.
  3. Make action where you just save layers as files as you normally would and close current document Ctrl+W and stop the action recording.
  4. Then you can basically play this function for all opened smart objects by pressing play on the action or by pressing hotkeys until you are out of documents to do this in.

If you happen to have separate .psb files opening those in a bulk would be much faster than opening smart objects separately from within the work document..

10/24/2011 8:49:00 AM