How do you paste one object, several times at once on one artboard in illustrator CS6?


I have 20 of the same icons on one art board. I would like to select all and replace all with a new icon. I want the icons to show in the same spot as the replaced icons.

11/24/2014 6:48:00 PM

After asking around and playing with some commands I was able to come up with a quick solution. Sorry I have no reputation but this works.

  1. Select the object then hold down the alt option key
  2. Then start dragging the object to where it needs to be.
  3. While you are dragging the object, hold down the shift key without letting go of the option key.
  4. After you have dragged the object to a desired spot be sure not to deselect the object(s).
  5. Then hit the Apple or Command key+D several times depending on how many copies you want.

Here's an example. If you divide your artboard into 24 squares and you need 24 of the same objects in each square it is best to put the first object in the top left corner square. Run the above process to get your object into the second square. Then select the objects in those two squares and run the above process again to get the other two squares filled on the first row. Now you have 4 squares done. Now it's time to go down and fill the rest. Select the top row of the objects (all 4) and run the same process. Then end it by tapping Command Key +D 4 times. You should end up with 24 squares with objects in the exact spot you need them to be.

11/26/2014 7:02:00 AM