Finding Illustrator CC Color Swatches Being used


I'm going crazy over this one. I have been trying to locate color swatches being used in a Illustrator CC file. Through this process of elimination I have tried multiple search and locate options. However, the swatches still appear in my Swatches Panel when I choose the option for Add Used Colors.

  1. Convert the color swatches over to Spot and using the Separations Preview. Here I can turn on and off the color to locate where the color is being used.
  2. Create a simple shape with the fill and stroke using this swatch. Then using the Select -> Same -> Fill Color -or- Select -> Same -> Stroke Color.

Through this process I have located the colors, which are builds of Black in CMYK, and converted them to the color standard of a Rich CMYK Black that I need. But now there is no indicator that shows me where these "Hidden" colors are being used. Anyone have other tricks that might help me locate these colors?

Here is a Screenshot of my swatches and the CMYK value colors are the ones that i cannot find being used in any shape or font.
enter image description here

Thanks in advance.

11/22/2014 5:44:00 PM

With no art selected, you can highlight a swatch and use Select > Same > Fill & Stroke to find what objects used that swatch.

You can also use Select All Unused from the Swatch Panel Menu which will highlight the unused swatches. Note this tends to leave behind an orange and a green due to their use in Symbols. Brushes, symbols etc which use a swatch count.

You can also use the default Action included with Illustrator titled Delete All Unused Items -- often you need to run this twice.

11/22/2014 5:44:00 PM