Is it inappropriate to ask for royalties on a logo design if the client decides to print the logo on products and sell them?


I am fairly new at graphic design and I have just finished creating a logo and marketing materials for a client. I only intended for the images to be used for marketing and advertising of their business, but I'm wondering what kind of rights I have if they randomly decide to try and sell products with the logo.

Is there any way to give my client the rights to use the images for anything they want unless it involves selling items with my designs? If they started selling t-shirts or something, would it be inappropriate to ask for royalties? I keep reading that it is appropriate in this situation to sign over all of the rights to my client since it is their branding materials, but I just don't understand. Has anyone ever had experience with this?

We don't have any sort of contract at the moment (which I now know was a mistake), and I can't seem to find the answer to this question anywhere.

6/13/2018 8:01:00 PM

It is customarily not appropriate to ask for royalties on logo usage.

Traditionally all rights are transferred to the client in logotype projects and the designer retains nothing. I've never, ever, ever heard of any designer trying to limit the usage of a logo designed for a client. That's simply not done in my experience.

It's their logo and they need to be free to use it in any and all manners they see fit. Design pricing should have considered unlimited rights transfer.

Logos are not the same as other artwork. While negotiating royalties for print-on-demand items (mugs, t-shirts, etc) is absolutely appropriate for most artwork, a logotype is a company identifier and the company must be allowed to market and advertise in any manner free from usage restrictions. Are you expecting a royalty for company uniforms? name badges? hats? cups? Pens? notepads? Signs? business cards? Really?????

If a client of mine were to approach me asking the reverse of your question -- "Our designer wants to negotiate royalties for t-shirts with the logo on it." -- I'd tell that client to run as fast as they can away from that designer.

11/20/2014 3:31:00 AM