I need to resize ppi in Illustrator. Is this possible?


I initially drew a picture in Illustrator at 700 x 1270 pixels at 300 ppi. Unfortunately when converting...the pixels come out at 2915 X 5289 because of the 300 ppi. This is waaaay too big for the project I am working on. We need the pixels to be EXACTLY 700 X 1270.

72 ppi does not have this pixel conversion issue. I want to resize my illustrator document at 72 ppi. I know from now on I need to just start ALL my documents out in 72 ppi. It makes the pixels accurate to the initial size.

Now the only problem is with this first file I have at 300 ppi. When I try to just copy the inital illustrator file (2915 X 5289) into another illustrator document with 72 ppi- it automatically converts the ppi to 300 making the image larger again...

How can I just change the ppi of the illustrator document? Like resizing a photoshop document to be smaller? Is this possible?

11/11/2014 5:34:00 AM

Short Answer

File > Save for Web > Image Size

Change the dimension you want in pixels and your document will be exported properly.


Regardless of the document resolution you chose at the creation time, the export to JPEG or PNG depends on your export settings.

When exporting JPEG from illustrator, a Dialog box opens that offers to export artwork in different ppi. If the size of your artboard is the same in Pixels as you want the size of the image after exporting. Use 72 ppi as the export settings.

To view your document size in pixels, there are a couple of ways.

File > Document Setup > Units > Pixels

You can also open the Rulers in illustrator (CTRL+R win / CMD+R mac) right click and the scale and choose pixels as the units.

Then use Artboard tool or hit SHIFT+O and your artboard size will be displayed in pixels in the top bar.

If the document size in pixels is different then the document size you want as final image there are a couple of options.

  1. Scale up/down the artboard with artwork.
  2. Calculate the scale factor for bigger artboard to export as smaller jpeg.
  3. Use File > Save for Web > Image Size
1/17/2018 10:11:00 AM