Can I Copy an InDesign page along with the master page?


I am trying to make a calendar, so I have downloaded a simple calendar template (InDesign Markup Document) which has 12 pages for each month

The 12 pages contains just text for each month with all the days on and the master contains the grid that the days go into.

I want to be able to copy everything on the page including the details from the master page and then paste them together into a new document.

No layers are locked but it won't let me select anything from the master page when I am on, let's say, page 1.

Is there a way to copy everything on that page or merge/ "expand" the master to be separate on every page?

11/6/2014 4:29:00 PM

The easiest solution is to delete what you don't want, then save as a New Document.

You can also choose Override all Master Page Items from the flyout menu on the Pages Panel. This will place the master items on the (highlighted/selected) page and unlink them from the Master Page(s).

Another possibility.....

You can actually drag pages between InDesign documents. Including Master Pages. Simply open more than one InDesign document, ensure they are separate windows and not tabs, then set them up so you can see both documents (Window > Arrange > Tile). Now you can just drag pages from the Pages Panel of document 1 to the window of document 2. This method is helpful when you want to copy several pages to a different document. You can drag as many pages as you highlight in the Pages Panel. However, you have to move Master Pages separately from other pages since you can't highlight both master and standard pages in the Pages Panel at the same time.

11/6/2014 4:56:00 PM