Editing PNG file


I've inherited a PNG file that I'd like to edit. It contains graphics and text elements. I've tried to select different elements (such as text box) but nothing will activate. Can anyone help. I do have the file if someone would like to take a look at it.

10/28/2014 11:22:00 PM

The only way a PNG file would behave as you seem to wish it to is if it were a "fireworks" png. That is, saved to disk by fireworks. That software uses a proprietary way to save png's and it is the only widely available application to do so.

In any other case you likely have what's called a "flat" png, in which you can not select elements, just pixels. Depending on the complexity of the image, you might be best off: 1: Asking for the source file from the one who gave you this image. 2: Recreating it in graphics software of your choice. 3: Get someone else to perform step 2.

10/28/2014 11:32:00 PM