PhotoShop CC SVG extracted assets not recognized by IcoMoon


I have a project where I need to extract Vector Smart Objects as SVGs to use on a website. I'd like to make a single file with these SVGs - it looks like will do this for you.

I've extracted each Vector Smart Object layer as an svg (right+click layer, export asset) and then uploaded the files to icomoon. The images don't seem to be recognized (getting blank icons). If I test with an SVG acquired from somewhere else, it seems to work fine.

I'm new to this process - am I missing something?

Here are the settings one of of the objects. It looks like it was created in AI - although I don't have access to the original.:

Image Settings

10/26/2014 8:33:00 PM

If you need the vector information, currently you need to convert the smart object into a shape layer, otherwise it will be stored as a rasterized image within the SVG file. We are investigating how to better read Illustrator smart objects, but it is taking a while.

(I am the Product Manager looking at Extract Assets dialog in Photoshop)

10/27/2014 4:40:00 PM