How to create 3D presentational mockup templates to showcase logo design to a client?


I would like to know how to create a 3D presentational mockup template that utilizes smart objects to change dynamically for example logo design. I would like to know also tricks on how to add shadows that dynamically adjust to the content of the smart object.


I can't find any tutorials on how to do such a things.

10/17/2014 1:23:00 PM

I'm not sure that I fully understand your question and what you mean by "change dynamically". If you want to know how to make a smart object mockup, here it is:

1.Create a new document and select Shape Tool or press "U"
2.Add a rectangle shape on your canvas with dimensions you need
3.Right-click on the shape layer and click "Convert to Smart Object"
4.Now double-click on thumbnail of the layer.
5.This will open a new .PSB document which is the container of your smart object. 
6.Draw your logo in this document and press Ctrl+S.

That's it. Now you can get back to your main document and see the changes. You can deform your smart object or apply filters. To change perspective go to Edit -> Transform -> Perspective.

Hope this helps.

10/18/2014 12:04:00 AM