Can I stylize the trademark symbol to match logo design?


I need to know if the trademark (â„¢) symbol has to remain fairly generic in styling, or can it by made to match the style of a logo?

1/25/2017 3:04:00 PM

Accepted Answer

I am not a trademark attorney which is really who you should ask.

My understanding is the ™ is merely an indicator that the mark is being used in an effort to register it. ™ means "We intend to make this an ® when unique usage has been established." ™ does not provide any legal protection, it merely is a notice to infringers that the user may intend to file a registration claim. The more you "design" the ™ the more you convolute that warning.

™ is never meant to be part of a logotype. You really don't design around the ™. It may change to a ® when the mark is registered. You should design your logotype without considering the ™. Then place the ™ in the most optimum location for visibility.

All this taken into account -- Yes, you can style the â„¢ to some degree. However, be careful not to alter it so much that it no longer appears to be the actual â„¢ mark. And be aware that it may be removed or replaced at some point so your logo should never rely on the â„¢ being present.

10/14/2014 3:44:00 PM