Create frozen screen effect


Is there a way to create this effect in Photoshop?

Windows XP Frozen screen

I could duplicate the same image over and over again, but that's just wrong. There should be an easier way.

Edit: Use of Illustrator and MS Paint is also fine.

10/13/2014 2:13:00 PM

Accepted Answer

After some fiddling around here's way that might be quicker than copying/pasting/moving.

  1. Create your popup.
  2. On a separate layer or file, create a black square that is the same size as the popup. Select it and define a new brush (Edit > Define Brush Preset). You can then discard the black square.
  3. Make your canvas fit the final size of the artwork you wish to create (Image > Canvas size).
  4. Using the clone stamp tool, set the sample setting to Current layer, disable the aligned setting. Using your newly defined brush, go on the layer with your popup and precisely sample the popup (Alt+click).
  5. Create a new layer and clone your popup as often as you wish, each time you click a new popup will appear (unfortunately you can't just drag it around)
2/23/2016 3:09:00 PM

Why use an inferior product when you already have MS Paint installed?

In Paint, use the Select tool and select the area you wish to "drag" around. Hold Shift and hold down the left mouse button as you drag the selection around, producing the desired effect.