Looking for the best PDF editor or plugin for InDesign


Does anyone know about a good(free would be great) PDF editor?

I am trying to edit/translate an "Instructions Manual" PDF for a certain product. I need to edit the text in the PDF in order to translate it to another language.

The only workaround I found is to open the PDF in Illustrator(page by page). But I'm sure there is another way.

I am looking to purchase some software to do this if I cannot find a great free product.

I found a plugin for InDesign that allows me to import PDFs,

  • do you know about it?
  • Have you tried it ?
  • Is it working for InDesign CS5?
  • Does it Import all the pages in the PDF ?
  • Is it free?
  • can you provide a link to it please.

If not...

  • Would Adobe Acrobat Pro do the job ?
  • What is the best PDF editor you know of ?
10/5/2011 11:53:00 AM

Accepted Answer

If you need to make anything more than a very minor change to a PDF, you need to go to the layouts that was used to create the PDF in the first place. PDFs don't work with objects in the layouts that page layout applications do.

Otherwise, if you need to edit a PDF, then Acrobat Professional is absolutely the way to go. It is designed specifically to edit PDFs. But, again, I cannot stress enough that doing so will take you only so far. You really need to get the layouts, edit there, and output a new PDF.

10/5/2011 12:36:00 PM

There is nothing out there to match PDF2ID from Recosoft. It converts a PDF into an InDesign document so accurately, and so well (i.e., the document is well structured, styled, accurately parsed and laid out), that it's scary. The resulting INDD almost never requires touch-up, and if you get this kind of work even once or twice a year it's well worth the price.

It's fantastic product. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't swear by it. They have a free trial, too, so you can test it on your specific project before you buy.