Photoshop PSD to PDF: Best Program/Settings


So I purchased a CV template, which came as a multi layered PSD file, which I edited in Photoshop and now want to convert/save as PDF. Photoshop has this option, but I am not sure what are the best settings for the best size/quality ratio. I want to keep the option to select text in the PDF.

Should I use Photoshop to save it as PDF or another program to do the PSD>PDF conversion?

Thank you.

11/19/2015 5:15:00 AM

In all instanced below.. save a copy... do not overwrite your original .psd file.

  • For web or email delivery - Simply save the PDF as High Quality Print. Then open the PDF in Reader or Acrobat and check it. The text should still be selectable. Check the files size (kb) and see if it's relative to the content. For electronic delivery (like most CVs), you'll want to keep the file size as low as possible. If the file size is several hundred kb or a mb or more, you may want to adjust....
    • if file size is too large using High Quality Print, try using the Rich Content PDF job options. This may reduce the file size and keep content selectable. You may also try saving again and unchecking the "Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities" which may reduce file size further.
    • If using the Rich Content PDF option is still producing a large file size, you can try using the Smallest File Size option. However, you'll really want to check the PDF with Reader/Acrobat after saving it. This setting can often outline type or otherwise flatten objects.

None of the above should be used for print production. They are only for electronic delivery.

  • If you want a print production file, save the Photoshop document as a Press Quality PDF or PDF/X-1a:2001. These options will save at the highest possible resolution for the elements. This will however create a much larger file size.
    • As others have posted/commented, a straight Photoshop file isn't always the best solution for print production -- but it's not the "kiss of death" either. It is entirely possible to get a great print production PDF straight from Photoshop.

There are several unknowns here. The structure of the Photoshop file is a mystery to me. It's entirely possible, based on the PSD construction that there won't be a method to reduce file sizes to acceptable electronic delivery sizes, or that type itself can remain selectable in any way. These are merely general guidelines to possibly help.

4/12/2017 4:58:00 PM