Convert SVG to AI in Bulk?


Is there a tool to convert SVG to AI in bulk? Everytime I search for this I simply get online convertors that convert SVG to bitmap formats, or similar stuff. I would need an offline tool, and one that can do hundreds of files at a go.

10/5/2014 5:14:00 AM

Accepted Answer

3/20/2017 10:18:00 AM

This batch conversion can be accomplished without scripting using Adobe Illustrator CC's actions palette —

Use the actions palette to create a new action and record the steps taken to convert a single file (i.e. Open an SVG and save as an AI file whilst recording the action).

Once the action has been recorded access the Action palette's 'batch' function (available within the Actions palette's hamburger menu).

  1. Point at a source folder containing SVGs. (Select: Override Action "Open" commands)

  2. Point to a destination folder for your Ai files (Select: Override Action "Close" commands)