Switching between tabs while dragging layers in Photoshop?


While using Photoshop I often need to drag layers from one document to another, but when I have many documents opened this gets a little tricky.

The cause of this issue is the way that Photoshop hides the tabs when there are too many of them for the size of my window / screen.

To be more specific, the problem I'm experiencing because of that, is not being able to simply drag layers from one document to another as I normally would (By simply dragging them onto the other tab) when they are too distant from each other on the tab menu.

I tried to find a few alternative ways of doing so, and would love to know if you know how to perform any of them, or alternatively find another solution for this.

  1. Disable overflowing tabs, and having all of them displayed no matter how big my window is (While cutting the document titles a little bit of course).
  2. Switch between tabs as usual ( By pressing CTRL + Tab) while dragging layers.
  3. Somehow scroll the tab menu?

I guess another way would be to constantly re-order the tabs, or simply give up on them, but I'll keep these options last.

Thanks in advance!


9/28/2014 11:08:00 AM

I've stumbled upon this problem many times. My only work-around was dragging the tab beside or in close proximity to the tab I wanted to exchange layers with.

At times I would pop the tab outside of the list, go to the tab I want to drag the layer to, and just pop that tab (or should I say window) right beside it.

I hope that helps.

10/22/2014 7:46:00 AM