Shortcut key for 2 columns in a text box


I am looking for a shortcut key for columns in text boxes. I know that there is probably not one and that I would have to create it, but I don't know what you would call it in the shortcut menu.

I also know that I can go to text frame options to change the columns, but I want to click one button and have two columns. Is this possible. I use two or three columns A LOT! I would love to have a shortcut key for this.

9/20/2014 2:24:00 AM

Personally, I love keyboard shortcuts, but not everyone does. While it is definitely not as "one-click" as @Scott's answer, I still feel it is extremely efficient.

Pressing Ctrl/Command+B will bring up the Text Frame Options. Conveniently, the current number of columns is selected by default. Now you can just type the number of columns you want (such as 3) and press Enter/Return. No mouse interaction needed at all!

9/22/2014 7:17:00 PM