Photoshop cc - how do i resize a box and keep the radius the same?


I know there are several questions that ask this - so far the answer has been "impossible", but in one of them there was an allusion (or... illusion?) to being able to do so in the cc edition.

I have the cc edition, if only on a trial basis.

I have a shape selected - it is a white "rectangle", with a drop box and so forth. Rectangle is in quotes, because to me it is a rectangle, but I do not know how the rectangle was created.

As seen here:

enter image description here

I want to resize this (which was harder than it needed to be - i had to go to edit - free transform.

But when i drag the image, the rounded corners go bonkers! I read in this answer - see the comments that it should be possible to edit the corners now.

But i do not know what to press... in the pictures i found on youtube, it looked like when i opened "properties" i should be able to see the transform options.

How do i make this simple image bigger and with a rounded corner?

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM

Accepted Answer

I don't know why your Properties options don't have the radius section. I think Emily is on the right track, in stating that your "shape" may in fact just be a layer mask on a filled layer. My Properties option box has a separate "Shape" section in it (see below).

I would just create an actual shape and scrap what you have there with that mask, but if you do insist on using what you already have, the best way that I can see to resize it and still maintain your radii would be by moving the points on either side of each radius. I have to disagree with Emily here, I ALWAYS avoid rasterizing - at all costs.

Use the Direct Selection Tool for this, as pictured below:

Select this group of Anchor Points to adjust the rectangle's size horizontally. Hold down the SHIFT key, to drag the points in a straight line.

vice-versa for vertically

Like I said, I always try to avoid rasterizing and instead prefer to work with shapes, smart objects, and layer masks. This keeps everything scalable and is also a non-destructive way of working.

9/17/2014 4:44:00 PM