How to mask a layer with shapes in photoshop?


It is really hard to explain, but kind of easy to understand once you actually see what I mean.

I want to design a specific shape, and to make a layered mask "folder" and be able to add shapes into that folder that will reflect transparency to the main masked layer.

Instead of making a shape in a shape, it will mask a hole in it with the same shape. the thing is, that I know how to do it through adding all into one folder, and then using the marquee/selection tool. btu it is always croppy, and it never gives me the fine abilities that the path tool gives me.

So I want to be able to design the shapes inside, and that the final design will have the "holes" in it. so lets say i output a final logo file, and i drag it into a background-colored image, the bg color will reflect through the holes i "inverted" in the masked folder. < here you can see how I manually have to color the shape, but i want to allow the freedom of just putting an image with its "holes" so it automaticaly does it < here you may see the shapes that I want to be cleared/masked.

I'm sorry if this sounds abit odd, i tried many online sources and i couldn't find the specific answer.

EDIT: here is what im really trying to do, but without the regular mask on the shape layer and the selection tool

9/14/2014 9:43:00 PM

  1. Create a layer
  2. Create a shape
  3. Ctrl + drag shape over the layer in the layer menu
  4. TADA, now you have layer masked with a shape

If you want to add more shapes to this mask just add them while shape mask is selected, but they must be paths instead of shapes. SO when creating a new shape select Path from top left instead of Shape.

9/14/2014 7:18:00 PM