Why is Photoshop's pixel grid smaller than my actual pixels?


photoshop pixel art issue

I'm trying to set up Photoshop cc 2014 for pixel art graphics, but I have this weird issue where my pixels don't align to the grid. I can't work out if it's my pencil which is creating pixels too big, or the grid is somehow wrong. I've set the grid to 1:1 so I'm not sure how that could be any different.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

I'm on a Mac if that makes any difference.

9/13/2014 4:38:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Because the resolution of your file is so big for pixel art Photoshop is showing you the other Grid (not the pixel grid), You have to disable the Grid:

View > Show > Make sure Grid is unchecked and Pixel Grid is Checked

enter image description here

Also: Reduce the resolution of your file to something like 24x24 and select a square brush.

9/14/2014 12:01:00 AM