Making an out-of-focus selfie into an ID photo


I need an ID photo with a white background (that's studio type) but my best shot is only a self-portrait photograph. I need instructions to replace the out-of-focus background with white, and canvas the left & right sides to make it square.

Here is the top source of the picture which is more clearer: Servant 2009

I've already tried these online tools:

  • Clipping Magic - Its production is not good enough for something like a non-clear image.
  • Background Burner - Uploading takes forever to complete maybe due to the security of a computer cafe/shop.

Can anyone help direct me to a tool that I can use in an internet cafe to make this kind of a self-portrait photo into an ID photo, then that would be great!

9/13/2014 2:45:00 PM

It's possible to do this with something like Paint Shop Pro (other image-processing packages are available)

  • Select the out-of-focus area [irregular selection] and Sharpen it.
  • Invert the selection to select the rest of the image and make it a neutral colour (not white, an off-white)

  • Invert the selection again to select the original area of your head and add a fuzzy shadow.

Or: get another photo! The above procedure will probably require a far longer time than simply retaking the photo, if the result is to be good. It's probably worth doing if you have to manipulate a one-off photo which can't be repeated.

9/11/2014 9:25:00 AM