importing a multipage PDF file into InDesign CC


When I place a multipage pdf file into InDesign CC, the pages go outside of my document settings, making this function useless. What do I have to do to make the placed pdf pages go within my document settings, which in this case is 11 in. Length X 8.5 in. width, .5 in. margins on all sides, with two columns per page. I would greatly appreciate an answer to this, Thank you.

9/8/2014 5:09:00 PM

Method 1

After you File > Place and select the PDF you are trying to add to your InDesign document, drag a box where you want your PDF to be placed. You will notice the box keeps the proportions of the document your are Placeing. When you let go, InDesign will auto-scale your PDF to fit the box you drew.

Method 2

Draw a box that is the maximum size you want your PDF to be. Then click File > Place, select your PDF, and click inside the box you drew in order to drop your placed file in to the existing frame. At first it will still be full-size, but you can quickly auto-fit it by doing one of the following:

  • Fill Frame Proportionally
    Fill Frame Proportionally
    Right-Click > Fitting > Fill Frame Proportionally
  • Fit Content Proportionally
    Fit Content Proportionally
    Right-Click > Fitting > Fit Content Proportionally
  • Fit Content to Frame
    Fit Content to Frame
    Right-Click > Fitting > Fit Content to Frame

Method 2 may be better for your needs since you mentioned needing to place a multi-page PDF.
I would pre-draw and position all of my frames, and then when Placeing all of my pages, just click the frame for page 1 of my PDF, then page 2, etc.
After all the PDF pages are in their frames, I would quickly go through my InDesign document and Ctrl/Command+A to select all, and then use the keyboard shortcut for the fit I want - it will apply it to all of the frames on that InDesign page, and any other shapes or text objects will be unaffected.

9/8/2014 5:05:00 PM