How can I convert my raster design to vector for print?


I am self taught on Photoshop CS6 and my problem is that I typeset fonts for a logo and sent them to the printer for stationary printing. However, they ask me for a vector file not bitmap. How do I convert my artwork and fonts to vector from a raster design?

8/29/2014 1:53:00 AM

For type, you really don't convert from raster to vector. In fact, in general, you don't convert from raster to vector. Rather, you redraw it as vector. You can use tools to make this job faster, such as auto-trace tools in programs like Inkscape or Illustrator, but it's still only going to be an approximation and will require hand tweaking.

All that said, if you typeset your logo, I assume you used a particular font. Just re-type the font in a vector program and there you go. No need to convert anything.


Septronic's answer is misleading, but there is a good point mixed in there. If your source file is Photoshop, and your type is still set as type, the vector data may still be there. You could try exporting your PSD as a PDF and see if that will work for the printer. I can't find any particular setting in Photoshop's PDF export to preserve vectors, though I admittedly don't deal with that much any more. Maybe someone else can offer some suggestions in that regard.

8/29/2014 9:05:00 PM