Illustrator mouse pointer with square or hands


This morning my mouse pointer in Illustrator either shows hands in which case I can select nothing or shows a pointer with a black square which has weird effects when I select stuff. How can I disable these modes please?

8/25/2014 10:15:00 AM

Accepted Answer

The mouse pointer shows what tool you have active. Just switch the tool to a different one from the tools window. Most likely you want to use either the black arrow (selection tool, for selecting whole objects, and isolating them) or the white arrow (direct select tool, for selecting object components).

TIP: Most tools can switch between selection tool by holding ctrl/cmd down, except selection tool that switches to direct select tool. You can allwasy access hand tool by pressing space (can not remember when i last activated hand form the tools window)

Tools window

Image 1: The tools window.

If the tools window is for some reason not visible try hitting tab, or choosing Window → Tools.

8/25/2014 10:40:00 AM