What's causing my gradient problems in illustrator?


I'm designing a window poster for shop, I'm working on this in illustrator and I'm trying to achieve this clean red to black gradient or feathered effect shown here,

enter image description here

A few things are confusing me, why does this banding effect or lined appearance show up on the image, also I can't seem to get the red and black to fade together very well like they have on the bargain booze picture, I think there's a few tricks to this I could do with knowing, they don't have the red to greyish gradient I have before the black part, although I do notice they have a little arrow covering that part of the transition between the black and red.

It's a CMYK project. Here's my image:

enter image description here

4/16/2015 6:12:00 PM

To fix this you need to match the CMYK channels in your black swatch with your red swatch.

In my example I'm using a red with CMYK values 0,100,100,0. Now for my black instead of using the values 0,0,0,100 change it to 0,100,100,100.

enter image description here

This black will print as a warm black. I would talk with your printer about their maximum ink coverage as this might be pushing it.

4/16/2015 6:15:00 PM

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